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Ecco come nasce lo schema Pirlo-Lichtsteiner – Pirlo-Lichtsteiner combo: how it came about

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Pirlo Backs Steven Gerrard

The soccer world rarely witnesses one footballer heaping praises on a fellow footballer & that too from another nation. However, leading Italian midfielder Andrea Pirlo is one such humble soccer gens who is recently speaking very high of Liverpool striker Steven Gerrard.

In fact, the dapper English captain is one of the most powerful rivals that Pirlo would be facing in the upcoming Worlds in Brazil.

The Italian player is especially impressed with Gerrard’s ease in quickly adapting himself to his recent deeper-lying midfielder role in Liverpool. The 33-year-old England captain has been placed in a more serious role by team chief Brendan Rogers with the usher of 2014 as the team pulled themselves into title picture. The smart Red skipper had this burden to readapt his duties at midfield center with more defensive temperament in last few weeks & he has been able to please everybody playing just before back-four.

And getting himself firmly established as one among the best players of the globe in that very position, Andrea harbors the belief that Gerrard is equipped with every attribute needed for being the ultimate professional for his club & country.

“Gerrard is quite a top pro”, remarked Pirlo while speaking high on the new Liverpool man. “It’s quite possible that he has got several top seasons left for England as well as Liverpool in a novel role.

“Intelligent players are able to adapt. Gerrard has proved that he carries that very ability to adjust himself to a new situation”, Pirlo continued further with his praise on the smart Liverpool striker. “He is a truly incredible passer of ball, is armed with a brilliant football brain & has got great vision. In fact, Gerrard comes with all qualities required for deeper roles.”

Red card Andrea Pirlo (Parma – AC Milan: 1-0)

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Andrea Pirlo Amazing Free Kick Goal vs Mexico ● Mexico vs Italy 1-1 ● ||HD|| 16/06/2013

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Andrea Pirlo Amazing Free Kick Goal vs Mexico ● Mexico vs Italy 1-1 ● ||HD|| 16/06/2013

Video Rating: 4 / 5

Andrea Pirlo Amazing Free Kick Goal vs Mexico ● Mexico vs Italy 1-1 ● ||HD|| 16/06/2013

Video clip Ranking: 4 / five


The Italian midfield dictator of Juventus and arguably one of the most important figures ever since making his move from Ac.Milan 2 years ago, Andrea Pirlo suffered from a knee injury during Juventus’ match against Udinese and it is believed that he will not be able to play in their upcoming crucial match in the Champions League against Galatasaray and now the question emerges, can they cope without having their architect available?

It is usually not a big problem for a team when they have to play without 1 of their players but some squads are dependent on specific players more than others, with examples such as: Barcelona with Messi and Liverpool with Suarez.

There is no doubt whatsoever that the Argentine Messi and the Uruguayan Suarez are the main focus for their respective teams and this is the same manner for Juventus.

Juventus did however show signs of being able to cope without Pirlo and this is evident when they managed to claim a 2-0 triumph over Bologna but taking into consideration that Bologna is a team struggling to get themselves out of the bottom relegation zone and are one of the clubs with most conceded goals in the league so far, they will have perform better against a Galatasaray side that will be going all out in search for the win that can allow them qualify into the last 16 teams of the Champions League.

The playing style developed by Juventus in recent sees them delivering long passes with mixed quick one touch deliveries with Andrea Pirlo being at the center of it all and even though Pogba, Marchisio and Vidal all have the abilities on doing exactly that, it is not at the same level as the set-piece specialist Pirlo.

It will certainly be a disappointment for Juventus if they cannot advance any further in this season of the Champions League and now Conte has a crucial decision to make as to what formation and combination of players will he use in their match against Galatasaray.

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